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Back Yard Gardens - Lots of Pic's

16 years ago

Hope you enjoy these ... Wayne

Krossa Regal is the first guy you see...

Smiley's corner is a bit of a jungle back behind the pool

He's in there somewhere...Ventricosa and Captain Kirk are hiding under the green Jap Maple.

There he is, with Frances Williams, June, Elegans(?), Liberty and September Sun.

A little to the left we have some little guys with Sagae in back.

A bit closer and you can see Pandora's Box, Cracker Crumbs, BME, Rock Princess, tiny Tattoo in a pot and my stinkin' 8 year old Summer Music with about one leaf per year.

Further left you pick up Paradigm, Gypsy Rose and Hanky Panky looking good together, Paul's Glory, Great Expectations etc...

Followed by Ice Age Trail etc...

...and more little guys ... X-ray, X-rated, Green Spiky Seeding, Twist of Lime, Lakeside Baby Face, Patriot, Popcorn, ...

A new Guardian Angel is hiding in the back row.

And from f. Aureomarginata we go to Fire Island, Blue Cadet, Rainforest Sunrise and Brim Cup back in the corner ... why there? Because it's been in six other places and that's the only spot he likes.

Looking back...

Turning the corner ...

Another Great Expectations under a white pine.

... along with his heuchera friends

Almost done now ... looking back towards the deck ... Stiletto and Lemon Lime are in there somewhere.

An lastly Blue Angel and Big Daddy you can barely see in behind. Phew!!!

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