4 year old limelights short but full of blooms

7 years ago

I am growing a hedge of limelights with avpink winky in order to somewhat put a barrier from my neighbor. Its 4 years old, and when I bought them they were on clearance and on "life support." They bloom very nicely. They were watered too much lately I think (hence yellow leaves, and also kind of droopy). Question is when I planted it, I thought it would get much taller. ( up to max of 10 feet). Mine are obviously not nearly that tall. Should I prune them harder in the spring for only a few canes? I prune them in the spring already. The canes are fairly strong, but I am aching for much more height. Looking for advice on the methods I need to follow to get some height. They are in full sun on west side of backyard.
Thanks in advance.

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