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Junipers are GONE What Now?

11 years ago

As of an hour ago, the junipers in the pix are history. DH & I never liked them.

(The junipers grew well here; these have been severely cut back to make it easier to remove them.)

This is a strip approx. 20' long and 6' wide. Yew on the left; oak tree on the right. Lots of morning sun. No sprinkler system on this side of the yard but we do drag the hose out occasionally. Enough to keep the grass mostly green. Deer pass thru here regularly. Zone 4-Central Wisconsin.

So, I need suggestions on what to plant. Shrubs? What kind? Winter interest of something sticking up above the snow? Or hosta? (I have other hosta along this side that the deer leave alone...Halcyon, Big Daddy, green NOIDS, Krossa Regal, Good as Gold...prolly because there's also a lot of albomarginata (or something prolific & similar) that they love to munch on?

Uh Oh...just when I've finally learned how to post a pix now I see I need to work on resizing time.

Oh, and thank you for any & all help!!

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