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All hydrangeas? Or hydrangeas + roses in new flower bed?

15 years ago

You may remember that I asked some questions on the area that is to be my new flower bed before. Since then, the two dying trees in that area have come down and now the area looks pretty different! So that has kind of changed my mind as to what I want in that area...

Previously, I wanted all paniculatas and some colorful perennials there. However, now that I see this new, open area, I am wondering if I should have fewer paniculatas and mix in some roses for early and long-lasting colors?

This is the area in question. You see that I have already created the edge/outline for the bed.:


The bed is kidney-shaped and is about 12' in width and much longer in length (probably 3 times). I was going to have a Limelight, a Little Lamb, a Pink Diamond, a Pinky Winky, and a Quick Fire in there (thank you George, for his previous advice on positioning and spacing!). However, if I am going to mix in some roses, I probably should take out the Pink Diamond. I already have a Julia Child, a Day Breaker and a Pink Knockout rose in big pots, and I will be happy to have them planted in the ground.

So, would you still stick with the plan with all paniculatas, or would you mix it up with roses?

I would very much appreciate your opinions! Thank you.

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