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Hosta 'Tiny Tears' vs. Hosta venusta

13 years ago

Last year I purchased (separately) three different miniature plants that, at the time, I thought were all Hosta venusta 'Tiny Tears'. I now realize that these are two different cultivars: Hosta venusta and Hosta 'Tiny Tears'.

So, which one(s) do I have?

Plant #1:

Plant #2:

Plant #3:

I just found (in a box) the labels that came with the plants -- 2 labels for H. venusta, 1 label for H. 'Tiny Tears'. That would lead me to believe that #1 is H. 'Tiny Tears' and #2 and #3 are H. venusta.

It's hard to get accurate size comparisons off the web. The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas lists H. venusta as 10" wide and 2 3/4" high, but gives no size for H. 'Tiny Tears' (though saying it is "similar").

MyHostas Database, on the other hand, lists H. 'Tiny Tears' as a smaller (6" wide) hybrid of H. venusta -- though the database confusingly lists H. venusta as growing "clumps to 4 inches". (If 4" wide, then venusta would actually be smaller, so maybe they mean 4" high?)

Anyway, do the experts here know which-is-which based on the pictures above? Because I bought all three only last year, it's quite possible that none of their sizes is that of a fully mature plant.

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