Limelight question

14 years ago

Hi there.

Newbie gardener here in Maryland. Learning loads this summer, but definitely feel very ignorant!

I recently got a large Limelight in a sale at our local nursery - beautiful condition plant, green, blooming happily. It's been in its pot while I experimented with locations and today I put it in the ground. Added compost, watered it in, mulched it heavily - pulling the mulch away from the stalk area - and watered it again with a good 10+ minute soak.

Does it need fertilizer at this point too? I have some azalea food I can give it if that's appropriate at this point.

Location is just on the south side of a sparse tree; it will get a little while of full morning shade from a privacy fence, some dappled morning shade through the tree (which I can open up even more if necessary by trimming a branch or two), and then probably 4-5 hrs of full sun in the afternoon (might even be more - I have to double check exactly when the shadow moves round). I would have preferred morning sun and pm shade, but I just didn't have a location for it in that orientation once I realised how BIG they get!

Any advice for a newbie? Is it likely to be ok in that kind of location, or should I try to come up with somewhere else before it gets too settled? I could move it further away from the tree, I was just trying to site it where I think it will fill the space the best.

Thanks :)

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