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Pee Gee standard hydrangea - root rot???

9 years ago

I have an eight year old/6 foot tall Pee Gee that I think I've badly damaged: I left the gushing garden hose lying right beside it as I ran inside to get an important phone call ... and then totally forgot I'd left the water outside running.
It ran for twenty-five minutes - maybe more ...
Now -- 10 days later -- many/most of the leaves have turned yellow ... all leaves are drooping badly ... and some leaves have now turned brown and crispy.
1. Could someone please let me know if there's anything I can do to reduce/eliminate the possibility of having caused root rot?
2. Would trimming it back only make it worse (i.e. fewer branches and leaves to absorb water)?
3. Is "root rot" in this case an absolute certainty - how long will it take to know for sure?
4. Is it possible to cause only partial root rot ... in which case maybe the damage will not be permanent and irreversible?
Thanks very much for any advice - much appreciated.

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