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Hydrangea paniculata 'Unique'

17 years ago

I bought three large bushes from a nursery last year around August. They were spectacular in bloom. This year they leafed out very late but are nice looking plants except for one thing. There are no blooms. Actually the blooms are very tiny and not at all like the ones I see around time. How do they get blooms in the nursery when it has been container grown? How come I can't get that, also? They are all in a part sun situation and maybe get about 2 hours of real sun a day. Other than that they get a little as the sun moves through the trees. I thought this amount of sun would be good for them.

So, any ideas on why they aren't blooming? Should I just give them another year or move them to a sunnier spot? Does this particular variety enjoy more sun than most hydrangeas?


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