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Tomatos (3 wk old) lower leaves brown & dying (pics)

12 years ago

Hi folks,

First time grower and I have 3 week old Roma tomato plants that have been in the reservoir for almost a week now. They look like they are coming along fine until this evening when I noticed the original seedling leaves at the bottom drying, browning, curling and dying. For now it seems confined to those leaves only... the rest look beautiful. I just want to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

I've seen so many posts on this but the pictures I've seen look nothing like mine so I want to pass this on for advice if possible and make sure I go in the right direction.

My setup:

18 gallon Roughneck

10 Gallon solution using General Hydroponics Flora series

RO water

~900 ppm (roughly)

5.5 - 6 ph

air stone

Watering = 15 second run time about every 15 minutes (night and day - medium and roots seem sufficiently damp)

Lighting = 63W Penetrator LED Grow Light about 12" from top of canopy - 18 hr on / 6 hr off


Overwatering / Underwatering / Nutrients... I've seen all type of suggestions.

Anyone care to comment?

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