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Net Pot vs. Mesh Pot

9 years ago

As my new hydroton gets *broken* in, my online 2" pots aren't keeping the res clean as I hoped. What I got was just big fat "+" (4 rib) bottoms.

Many advertisers don't worry if the pics of the pot bottoms are accurate. One supplier with an 18 rib 2" pot sent me a pic and the ribs are fatter than I would like for the roots and there I worry if the holes are too small.

Question: What are the tightest holes that I can get away with, of course this will vary by crop, but there are also 8 rib 2" pots out there with huge center disks which give bigger holes but centers seem uplifted and too big (probably for directing drainage outward). I' like the 18-rib type, but would like to hear others' experience since it isn't clear on the medium retaining vs. drainage vs. rooting worry.

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