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Help: designing my small garden area

18 years ago

There is the corner of my backyard I want to do a little more planting.. but I would like to create an oriental feel to it. Some suggestions would be very appreciated.

It started from a neglected weed field..

The grass is about 8 feet deep from the concrete patio to the raised brick bed. I have sowed some grass this spring

But now I feel that maybe I want to start planting stuff where I had established this tiny lawn. But I don't know how to lay it out and keep a good pattern so I can still inspect/view my plants in the raised bed. Do I start making some mounds and do some planting there?

The corner is under a tree and I would like to have a small stone bench of some sort so I can sit in the shade. I would like to have some ornamental grass/tree and rocks, near the bench.

It seems so hard since the space is very limited.. due to the house and shed so close by there will never be a true japanese garden. But I would like to have a corner that is inspired by it.

Here are the pictures of the area.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance!

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