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How do you organize your iris bed?

14 years ago

In the Fall of 2008, I planted 11 iris rhizomes (all different varieties) ordered from the internet. I planted them quite late (December), which is why I think I didn't get any blooms last year.

This Spring the irises are going gangbusters, so far 5 varities have opened up, and all others except 2 have buds.

I planted in groups of 3's coordinating colors- for example, a yellow, white and lavender.

Right now I'm not liking how I've grouped the irises, especially because the colors do look different than the photos on the internet (mine seem paler, I'm thinking perhaps because the irises right now only get about 4 hours of sun a day- in the summer they will get more sun as the sun rises higher in the sky above the tree line). It also seems as there is variation in size, some taller than their description, some shorter.

How do you all group your irises varieties? By color, size, groups of coordinating colors? For example, all the yellows in one patch, all the blues together, or just random placing. I'm taking photos as they bloom for a record, and may redo the beds in the fall. I also have 8 more coming in the fall, then my beds will be full! I'm also thinking of putting the iris in more traditional rows instead of staggering them in groups of 3.

If anyone has any links to show off their iris beds, that would be great.



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