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Non-blooming iris question

11 years ago

The year before my sister died, we acquired a lot of iris. Most came from a guy on the corner of the next street from me (with permission). The owner before him was a prolific gardener. Along the side of her house between the street and sidewalk, she grew tall bearded iris. He mowed them down, repeatedly. Some survived as little tiny iris. I saw them one day and asked the guy if I could have them. He said ok. So my sister and I would go up there and get some each time it rained. She planted hers. I put mine in pots to hold until I got a flower bed dug. Then she died. My iris stayed in pots...for several years.

In the fall of 2010, I planted the survivors in a flower bed. They grew well and looked healthy. They didn't bloom in 2011. As the cemetery iris are blooming now, it won't be long until the tall bearded ones will be blooming. I see no signs of any buds, although my other tall bearded ones don't show signs, either.

When the tall bearded ones should have bloomed, would you give these another year, or pull them up and forget it? (They are in prime gardening space.)

Or, do you have any suggestions to get them to bloom. (I can't use blood meal, as I have dogs.)


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