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Questions from a not so novice amature

15 years ago

I am a common gardner, not a hosta expert of any sort. I have been at this for about 10 years now. I have tended to re-arrange my collection trying to get the right balance of sizes and color that give me what I think is the most visual interest. I have very few "blues". Mostly verigated white or yellow ones. I have beds full of hosta and I am looking to the future and wondering a few things. Do hosta ever STOP getting bigger? I am trying to place them in my garden so smaller up front etc. but I am beginning to think given time they will all eventually be the same size. I see how a few are taller growing and have leaves much bigger than others but the total mass of most of my plants is getting amazing, and they show no signs of stopping!! Right now I am debating "thinning" my front border hosta so they are smaller than the ones behind it, but if the front is just gonna play catch up eventually, and be the same size it isn't worth the effort or mess.

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