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Aeroponics and Hydroponics - I need the basics

12 years ago

Hey everyone. Sorry to barge into your community. I discovered this website after trying to do some reading on gardening, specifically indoor hydroponic/aeroponic gardening, and just need to have so many questions answered. If you have links that can explain certain basics to me and places to reference (for questions I'll mention below) that'd be very appreciated!

What I'm looking for would be how to do a cheap/easy (relatively of course given the nature of hydroponics) way to grow different types of plants indoors (from fruit trees, to vegetables, to roots, to wheat, etc) in hydroponic(or aeroponic)/artificial lighting environments. I really wanna do the self-education to understand how to do this.

How does one know the light cycles needed for plants at different stages for the artificial lighting? What's the cheapest diy way to set up hydro/aero systems? Are there better systems for different types of plants?

What nutrients would be good for vegan organic products?

What suggestions would you have for someone who wants to start experimenting with hydro/aero stuff?

I appreciate any suggestions! I'm sure I'll have many more questions later - off to the interwebz to try and learn more about this!

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