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Nutrient Overload, what to get for vegetable garden

9 years ago

Ok, so I go in the local hydroponics store and looking at all the nutrients, asking a few questions, told the store employee I am looking to grow tomatoes, Strawberries, Lettuce and some herbs like Basil, Parsely and etc... I picked up some Aqua Flakes A & B. on second week now with it. Cucumbers are taking off from seed and the tomatoes roots are starting to grow pretty good. Strawberries struggling, but I think because my PH level was too high. I moved them into the same system as the cucumber to see if that is better.

Now, my question, I am looking at all these different additives, things to add to enhance the plant growth and etc... Now, it seems like this stuff is more directed toward the Medical you know what plant. I am not interested in growing that :) Is all this stuff in the store pretty much directed toward that line of plants? Is it really needed for my vegetable garden. I also went to a open house today at the store and some vendors were there, asking questions, I had the feeling they really did not think I was growing stuff you eat and not smoke. The amount of people there and the looks of most of the people seemed I was not in a garden show for vegetable growers if you know what I mean.

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