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How much sun for Nikko Blue and others

15 years ago

I have several hydrangeas in large pots on my shaded patio. I bought all of them this spring at either HD or Lowes. I wonder if they are getting enough sun as they are not blooming much. There is some morning sun and then periodic filtered sun later in the day (through very tall trees). When I brought the Nikko home it had one bloom, which has come and gone, but no more. However, the Nikko seems to wilt quite a bit. Does it need both more sun and more water? The others are Blushing Bride (one small bloom with no wilting) and one Glowing Embers (one small bloom and no wilting).

The Nikko gets Miracle Grow for Acid Loving Plants and the others get just regular MG.

I live in Charleston, SC and it is brutally hot and humid here at times. I have a Forever and Ever Double Pink in more sun and it has bloomed better. Should any of the 3 that are on the shaded patio be moved to a sunnier spot?

The plants appear healthy. They just do not have many blooms. Because I just got them in May, I have no idea about previous pruning. Please help as I want beautiful blooms!

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