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1st time with Hydrangea

14 years ago


I live in Houston,TX. I did get 4 Hydrangea's in a deal(White, Pink,Purple and Blue). They came as small bareroot plants in dormant condition and I planted them like way back in April.

I have been fertilizing them well whenever i do my roses and azaleas. They have only grown like 1 - 1 1/2ft tall so far. Just when they are starting to show some real rapid growth, we had a hail here in tx last week. No major damage was done except for the nice, big green leaves which were shredded.

I am contemplating if i should take these out and plant them in big pots and see if that will help them grow better and quicker.

Also, these are planted next to the roses and azaleas in the same flower bed. Is that a good location/companion plant for hydrangea?

I read that they are supposed to get so big like shrubs covered with nice big flowers. I am kind of worried now as it is already July and i see no flowers, no bugs and even no big stems to call them nice sized plants.

Anything that i can do to help these grow better, bigger and quicker blooms??



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