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Please tell me all you know about Blushing Bride

12 years ago

Received one today as a MD gift (I think it's a 5 gallon pot), and it's absolutely beautiful! I read some old threads here, and it seems that BB really prefers less sun than ES. Does that seem about right? I have a few different spots where I could plant it, but I'm really partial to a spot that gets just a few hours of morning sun and some light, dappled afternoon sun. I know ES wouldn't much care for that. This is outside my bedroom window, and I would love to look out and see this lovely plant every morning. Hubby says that grass has a hard time growing there because it's so acidic with all the pine trees. I think there's just not a lot of sun, but he's the lawn man so I defer to his judgement. There's a lot of moss growing naturally back there. The sun went behind some clouds just as I grabbed the camera, it's not always this dark.


I could plant it in sunnier spots if necessary, though.

Any idea how big this guy really gets? Even though I'm in a colder zone, my ES's don't die back. My Nikkos do, but ES is just hardy enough.

Thank you in advance =)

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