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Earwigs - lets discus how to prevent them this year

14 years ago

I live in PA outside of Philadelphia and last year I had these creepy little things in my very first raised bed on this property.

I still got plenty of zucchini even though they loved living in the cut off leaf stems of those plants but not much else. No broccoli, no peppers (well hot ones yes), no brussels, etc.

These suckers ate through all my leaves, then at least 3 had the audacity to come into my kitchen via the back door. I even have the itches typing about them ..... so I want to head them off before I start this year.

So be fore you begin with the cat food cans and the rolled up newspaper tricks -- I cannot do these.. not without clawing and beating my husband while I sleep due to nightmares of course. They really bother me! Just the idea of lifting a rolled newspaper makes me shiver.

What else other then seven ($$ costly costly for the amount of space I have) can I do? What do we all think of diatomaceous earth ?? Does anyone know of something I could put down just as spring hits before I put my stuff in the ground so that they are gone before I even start?

give some suggestions please???

thanks everyone !!!

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