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Please ID this reddish Hydrangea macrophylla???

18 years ago


I was given this plant last fall from an elderly lady who had received it as a "houseplant gift", had no idea what it was & didn't want it anymore. It came to me in trash bag with only the dirt around it's roots.

Anyhoo...I had no idea what it was, so stuck it in a pot and overwintered it in my garage. I also trimmed the stems back to about 8". To be honest I thought it was a type of hibiscus--I only had green leaves to go by at that point.

Well, needless-to-say it's a beautiful hydrangea doing it's best to try and please me :-)

I have tried to ID on the 'net--could it be one called "Forever Pink"? Is it a macrophylla?

I appreciate all help. Want to take care/prune/etc. this plant properly. (It's still in the container.)

The color of the flowers are NOT pale pink rather a deep fushia-type color--don't know how colors come across on your computer, but this photo is color correct on mine:


In case it's important to's pic showing new growth from stem I pruned last fall:


Thank you. Claudia

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