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My early setup - Need advises on how to improve

15 years ago

Hi everyone, this forum is a great place to learn, the only place i found actually that has an active community :-)

i wanted to share my setup in order to receive critics from you, so that i can improve the way it is working

current i am running the pump (250g/h) 5 times a day for 10 min, the max level in the growing tray is reached in 2 min, so for 8 min the water circulate avoiding salt build up and better nutrient circulation/balance. the flood only occurs during light cycle, not in the dark

i am growing lettuce / stranberries (migrated from soil) / tomatoes and misc herbs in my second coming tray

The light is ON for 18hours per day for vegetation with two 6500k/2850 lumens/42watt CFL and (coming up) 12 hours a day with two 2700k/2850 lumens/42 watt CFL for flowering period

I keep the CFL betweek 3 to 5 inch from the plant, will this be enough to grow my tomato plant, if not, will adding more CFL helps ? (i prefer to keep the cost down, going hight pressure lights is not an option for me)

A concern i had was that the drain couldn't be done completely because the hose plug was higher than the bottom of the grow tray, i am still looking for a way to drain properly, please share your ideas :-)

let me know how you would improve this setup, thanks a lot !!










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