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Plants Nouveau Everlasting Hydrangeas

11 years ago

I'd like all of you to look out for this new series of hydrangea in 2012. I have no idea where they may be sold, and they've given no exact indication except being "gift-to-garden" in nature.

Plants Nouveau is launching their assault on the market, and although far behind more well-known lines, they're offering the Everlasting series, a very unique assortment of upright compact plants with extremely sturdy blooms. The line is made up mostly of reblooming macs, with a couple arborescens and paniculata mixed in. A few of the names have been recycled from Novalis (where Plants Nouveau's current co-owner came from), but many more are 2011+ introductions bred by Kolster BV, Netherlands.

For the most part, the general pattern is blooms of different colors and sizes mix with or end up fading to green. Most of these shrubs don't exceed 4' in height.

The current list is as follows:

Ruby (RJ-BO) - 4x4' raspberry pink changing to lime green / picotee

Amethyst (Hokomathyst)- 3x3' dark pinks/blues aging with lime green edges

Garnet (Kolmgarip) - 3x3' pinks/blues aging with green highlights to bright green with pink edges

Harmony (Hortmahar) - 3x3' cream/pink ages to blue with green edges, then to green

Ocean (Hortmoc) - 3x3' creamy white cupped flowers with pink centers and ruffled petals, ages to darker shades and then green with pink edges

Revolution (Hokomarevo) - 3x3' cupped double-appearing flowers with many colors per head aging to darker shades with green highlights

Coral (Hokomac) - 3x3' coral pink or blue with green highlights ages to dark red with purple edges and then green with white edges

Jade (Hortmaja) - 3x3' mostly lime/white aging to green with red edges

Opal (Xian)- 4x4' lavendar pink to green

Pearl (Napo) - 4x4' clear white to lime green

Emerald (Hulk) - 4x4' white/cream to white with green edges


Recycled Names (you can already find these):

Mystical Flame (Bokratorch) paniculata

Color Fantasy macrophylla

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