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New growth falling off, Instructions please!

13 years ago

I had my three hydrangeas caged up with chicken wire and covered with lots of leaves. I finally decided to uncover them since the temperatures are in the 75's. My Endless Summer The Original has new growth up and down the stems but they fall off if you touch them.

Here is closer look of the new Growth. Is that the right color it should be?

My Endless Summer Blushing Bride is different which surprised me. It has growth but only at the base and not on the stems, is that normal?

And the new growth is really pale and yellowish.

My other one which is a Nikko Blue has growth at the bottom only as well. Did I wait to long to remove the protection? Is the new growth going to make it? I also need to know if I should fertilize them now and what I should use. Also, should I add anything to green them up? I want to prune the stems on the Nikko and BB since they have no growth but I don't know if I should leave them be. I planted these babies in the fall except for the ES Original which I planted last Spring. Any help Would be appreciated.

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