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Anyone else feeding Anna Hummingbirds in winter?

8 years ago

I live in Vancouver, BC and have been feeding hummingbirds here for about 25 years. About three years ago, I started seeing Anna hummingbirds hanging around after the rufous all migrated. I have counted at least four this year. We have had freezing temperatures for the past three nights (-3 degrees celsius or about 27 farenheit) so the little guys need all the help they can get. I still had hanging baskets of fushias blooming up until this freeze and the birds were still feeding from them but now they are really relying on my feeders. I don't think there are too many little bugs around anymore.
My husband insulated the outside of one of the feeders last year and threaded it with plumbers heating wire so that it would come on when the temperature reached freezing level. I even put up a sign in our neighbourhood asking other bird lovers to keep up their feeders, with info on the sugar water ratio etc.
So I am really hoping for a mild winter :).

Anyway, anyone else helping hummingbirds out during the winter?

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