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What One Good Looking H Paniculata ... ?

11 years ago

Good Morning ~ In this nearly crowded *Piece of Soil Under Iowa Skies* I have a prospective site good enough for just 1 more H paniculata ~ could be the very last ~ what one should I look for?

I'm moving a Hibiscus from this sampler row of assort. shrubs ~ full/sun side foundation w/ H p Angel's Blush at the SE end & Dwarf Korean Lilac at the SW end (W Wine & Roses & Hibiscus-Luna Blush between)

Hp I already have are: 2Tardivas, Little Lamb, Quick Fire, Pink Diamond, Kyushu Tree & young Kyushu (3y/o rooted branch) a tickle Pink, Vanilla Strawberry & the AB in the site mentioned.

Will appreciate suggestions ~ I personally prefer the airy bloom clusters to the tight mop-head look. TIA!

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