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Dirr 2012 Breeding, Selection, and Marketing new hydrangea

12 years ago

Found this while doing some research on a plant.Newer hydrangea performace report good info.

Here is a sample

Hydrangeas, particularly H. macrophylla, have accelerated in popularity and numbers in the last

decade, the impetus being Endless Summerî, a remontant cultivar that injected excitement and hope

into the genus. Since 2000, over 90 hydrangeas were patented with numerous European and Asian

pot-plant cultivars sourced, renamed, and perhaps trademarked. Most are not worthy of a garden

HOOT! Also, many are promoted as reblooming (remontant) to compete with the Endless Summerî

brand. At Plant Introductions, Inc., we trial âÂÂnewâ introductions against the true rebloomers . . .

Endless Summerî, âÂÂDavid RamseyâÂÂ, âÂÂOak HillâÂÂ, âÂÂPenny MacâÂÂ, âÂÂDecatur BlueâÂÂ, etc. Reblooming data

are included herein. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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