Praying Mantis

14 years ago

My Hummers were feeding happily the last 3 days until Thursday when I discovered a huge Praying Mantis perched on their favorite Dark Lady Salvia. I have read that these insects literally devower hummers, so, I grabbed the bug spray and blasted him. The bad news is my hummers have dissappeared. None since Thursday. Was I too late? Did the mantis take them out? The last few weeks I have noticed the hummers are feeding mostly on my salvias, agastache, cannas, cuphea, preferring these over the feeder. Is it true the same hummers return year after year? I know to keep my feeder up and my gardens are full of their favorites. They usually start to leave us here in Michigan aprox. October. Could they have just left? I sooo hope they weren't mantis food....Thanks for your help!!!

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