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Prepping a bed for Passionfruit/Kiwis

15 years ago

Just spent some quality time with a relative finishing a small project... running 3/4" lattice along the inside of a wooden fence for 60' preparing to plant some varieties of Passionfruit and Kiwi along the fence. The soild underneath is horrible, and while the seeds are germinating over the next 6-12 weeks, I'm hoping to get my soil ready...

Here was my plan:

1. Spread newspaper over the 4' area along the fence (4' is the depth of the weed block)... something organic that would block the grass and start a bottom layer...

2. Put about 2" of rocks down over the newspaper for drainage

3. Put about 6" of potting soil above the rocks

4. Put the weedblock over the soil

5. Put the seedlings in the soil through holes in the weedblock

6. Run a drip line along the back, to provide water to the roots

I wasn't planning to do a retaining wall, figuring that the soil would form a natural slope. My hope was to heavily mulch the area, and then put something in front of the vines, smaller shrubs, maybe some strawberry pots? I won't be sure until the vines grow in.

Any advice for what I'm missing here?


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