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canning hot sauce

12 years ago

I grew 20 pepper plants this year including habaneros.

I posted a question about canning hot pepper sauce over at the hot pepper forum and they suggested bringing it over here. So here it is:

I am now making hot sauce and have a canning question that I haven't found an answer for.

The thing is, I would like to can it rather than freeze it, but I don't know if there is enough vinegar in it to be safe because I did not follow an official tested recipe. I made a sauce that I like by reading the ingredients on the bottles. Its roughly equal parts habaneros, jalapenos, carrot and onion with enough vinegar to make a slurry.

I have a canning book from the UGA which is the latest information from scientists on safe canning. In that book the proportion of vinegar to low acid veggie in the pickling recipes ranges from about a third cup vinegar per pint of finished product and up to one cup per pint. Right now my sauce is within that range, but at the low end.

Any advice? Favorite recipes?

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