Hummingbirds resist apple & strawberry feeders- help please?

8 years ago

I keep 2 Perky Pet Grand Master feeders hanging in the summer, each containing 48 oz of my homemade nectar, and my birds go through both feeders in about 36 hours. Twice I have left on vacation and brought out some extra feeders shaped as a strawberry and apple, plus one other, and calculated that the quantity of food I leave should last the 7 days I'll be gone. When I come home, the large feeders are empty, the remaining feeders are full and untouched, and my birds are slow to return.

I'm sure you've seen the apple and strawberry feeders - they are red, while my Perky Pet feeders are clear. I do not put food coloring in my mixture, so it is also clear.

Does anyone have any idea why my birds would totally ignore full feeders? Does it have to do with the unfamiliarity? The shape? The color? This year, I tried putting out the strawberry feeder first, and they weren't coming around. As soon as I put the huge Perky Pet feeder out, I had birds.

As you can tell, I get many birds, go through sugar like crazy, and consider myself a pretty good steward of "my" birds, but this has me stumped. Any advice will be appreciated.

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