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Hoya Wayetti / Kentiana

16 years ago


This is my first time posting. I just started with the "hoya obsession" about 2 months ago after a friend told me about this "really cool" flower she saw. I've purchased one EA hoya and several (okay...a little more than several...12 starter hoya's on ebay, of which I awaiting delivery of 5). I need to put a halt on the spending at this point despite amassing an unbelievable list of "wants"!

I do have a question about all of the beautiful dark margin H Wayetti/Kentiana - where do you get them?!? The one I ordered off of ebay has barely distinguishable margins. It's still pretty, but I want the dark margins! Did see a couple of postings suggesting the dark margins come with more sun exposure. Mine is currently under lights and does get some filtered light through a south facing window with a sheer curtain and a maple tree blocking it a bit.

I'm so relieved to have found this group! I truly was fearing there was something wrong with me for obsessing so over these plants! At least I'm now in good company!

Also, anyone know of good places to get interesting varieties of Hoya's in the Baltimore/Washington area?

Thank you.


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