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look at growing tips....see fine hairs, or not?

15 years ago

I think what I have mistaken for spider mites may really be just the way the plant grows....but I need your feedback.

Look at your growing you see a fine hair or two? Since I've had problems in the past with spider mites I'm always inspecting my plants for evidence of webs. Upon closer inspection of my H. australis, curtsii, and dischidia I see a very fine hair or two where the new leaves emerge. Do you have the same thing? These hairs are on just on one or two tips, and aren't spreading to the rest of the plant like spider mite webs would. Also no plant is showing signs of illness/stress. I put a sacrifical columnea (can you say spider mite MAGNET!) in the midst of all my hoyas to see if mites were around, and so far it's as clean as a whistle. Perhaps a hair or two on the occassional tip of a hoya is normal?

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