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New Growth on Krinkle 8 Still Looks Crummy

11 years ago

I've read a million things on here about insecticides, mealys, mites, thrips, gnats... and I decided to start using neem when I spotted a few tiny mites on a gifted plant I didn't quarantine. I've applied three applications so far, but the new growth on my Krinkle 8 still looks crummy... while everything else looks normal. (Except for my Watermelon peperomia, which may have been damage from too much sun.) None of the leaves are yellowing but there are miniscule pinprick looking dots on the undersides of some of the leaves. The plant is still growing like crazy... and I'm thinking that the new growth might be getting hit hard because of the neem process working.

Thoughts?? Should I add alcohol? All I have is 70% Isopropyl. And if so, to what ratio? I did add a couple of drops of dish soap the last two times.

I will post pictures ASAP.


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