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Any Use for Green (Unripe) Figs ???

14 years ago

I have 4 fig "trees" -- here in Michigan, only the roots and a little bit of stem survives, but they regrow and get to be usually about 8 feet tall by the end of summer, and quite bushy.

Every year, they are covered with many figs. Some years, some of the figs ripen in the early autumn.

Not this year. It's already October 10th, and not one single fig shows any sign of ripening. I highly doubt even ONE will make it to maturity.

I know that cultures around the world were traditionally resourcesful about using things available to them.

Does anyone know a good use for unripe figs. There's probably a peck at least, if not more.

Is there such a thing as a green fig pickle, or perhaps some way to salt and cure them like an olive?

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