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FInally saw my first Hummingbird this year!

17 years ago

I'm very excited, I have finally seen a hummingbird in my yard! Two times, actually, several nights ago at 8:15 pm and tonite at 7:15 pm.

It was a male ruby-throated hummingbird, and he was on the Columbine "Spring Magic Rose & White", Pink Coral Bells (just some old-fashioned variety from the lady next door), and a dark red dianthus called "King of the Blacks". He was also checking out some "Hummingbird Red" Nicotiana.

I have never put out a feeder, and have been really busy putting in a butterfly garden this spring that has a few plants the hummingbirds like too, such as a big patch of red bee balm.

So I have a couple questions - since this hummer was a male, do you think he would be territorial about my yard?

Also, I wonder if I have missed previous visits, like when the bleeding heart was blooming and HUGE. I'm not usually out in the garden at dusk, and that is the time that he has shown up. Are hummers more active at that time than during the heat of the day?

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