It's Official -- I've Lost MyMind

13 years ago

Lost my discipline, then my mind!!!

Had a meeting of my Indoor Gardening Society tonight where the speakers were a couple who grow Hydroponically. They had all kinds of plants they've grown this way to Show & Sell to us.

Well they had a gorgeous white edged H. Kerrii varieg. growing hydro & I saw it, checked it out & I bought it. Had to haggle down a bit (I'm on a tight budget, not working, not supposed to be buying plants either). They wanted $29, when I said if only I weren't out of work, they offered $24.

So I jumped on it, it's large, growing Hydro in Leca stones in a large pot & got at least 4 peduncles. Plant is clean, pristinely unblemished & got new growth too wooooooooo-hooooooooo. Kinda big for my space but did I bother to think abt that?!?! Nooooooooooooooooo -- too smitten w/ Hoya Lust!!! (Wish I had a camera!!)

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