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my new hoya baby 'Kentiana'

10 years ago

While cruising through the Ebay hoya pages a few days ago, I ran across this little baby!!!! Now for those who have known me for any length of time you know already that I have no business on Ebay looking for hoyas to begin with!!!! I don't need anymore but this little birdie on the shoulder keeps telling me to get more,get more and in this case i'm glad the birdie told me what to do!!!! It's not every day that a new hoya comes along that I get excited about but after seeing this little variegated beauty,even in a "Common" hoya I just had to get it!!!! I can only imagine what a full 6" basket of this cascading at 3 feet long will look like!!! Hopefully, I won't have all that long to wait until I find out either!!!!

Hoya kentiana variegated form

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