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Re-attracting hummingbirds to our feeders?

14 years ago

Hi, thanks in advance for any advice.

I live in Central Texas. Last year I put up hummingbird feeders at my new house and was given the treat of many repeat customers. Toward the middle of August, I noticed they began to stop visiting even though the season lasts much longer here. I know in retrospect I let the food go too long.

Being lazy, I cleaned them and rehung them (empty) outside over the winter. Now that it is hummingbird season again, I have refilled them. I've also put in a native plant garden with red and cherry salvia, which they purportedly like, as well as a jasmine bush, and some geraniums for really a flashy non-tasty extra.


One day I saw a little ruby-throated male nearby, but that was it.

I should note- we have a regular bird feeder in our yard with tons of customers and unfortunately recently I have seen a hawk hanging out in the field next to our house. So...I wonder if that might be scaring them off. There are also some neighborhood cats who like to hang out behind our house but our dogs do a good job of keeping them at bay. None of the other birds have stopped coming though.

Just wondering what keep them away and what I might be able to do to re-intice them to return to my yard. Thanks a ton!

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