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Extreme Makeover: Hoya Edition!

9 years ago

Hi everyone,

At the strong urgance of GG, I gave a few of my plants a well needed bath to get rid of those dreaded mealies! It seems to be working as i saw some of the little jerks actually crawling away the day after the bath and i was spraying them liberally with the alcohol/dishsoap/water mixture (I still see a few, so I will have to spray again).

Nikki had it the worst. I took her out of the hanger she sits in, and sprayed it, too. It even got a bath when I dunked Nikki. They didn't drown, as they were nestled in parts of the hanger where it is knottted. The spray took care of that, thank goodness. Her leaves look so much better since getting the dirt/soil buildup off of them, and the best part is that I see some new growth appearing on the vines, and coming up from the base of the stems! Maybe I'll finally get some blooms from her next year! :)

I feel bad that i dropped the ball, so to speak, on keeping an eye on the mealies. I just hope that this counterattack works and they stay away for a good while. Well, until i get the new cuttings GG is sending me, anyway. I would hate for these guys to get infested, too.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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