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Using wrinkled indoor-ripened tomatoes?

9 years ago

I went through the tomatoes in the basement yet again, threw out the soft rotten ones (I've been throwing a lot out since picking these green over 1 month ago). As I said on another thread, the paste (shown) and the hybrid beefsteaks (not shown) seem to be holding up better than the (thinner-skinned?) heirlooms. Not that there haven't been rotten ones, they just don't seem to be wrinkling as much, and they actually have gotten red while even the Cherokee Purples are only getting pinkish before wrinkling so badly I've thrown them out.

So, I've got a little room in the freezer but not much since I'm freezing cherry tomatoes. Is it safe to can these pastes, still shiny but slightly wrinkled on stem end? What about the heirlooms that are dull and wrinkled but not soft?

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