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Best way to use sptty/split tomatoes

12 years ago

I know I posted on using split tomatoes before (ended up just cooking those into juice and didn't can it, put 1.5 quarts in fridge for DH). But now with all this rain, even with throwing all the worst split/rotting ones as I picked them, I have a bunch sitting on my counter that have little black spots (not rot - blight?). More with some splits (not all the way through the skin), still more that have developed small rotten/moldy areas while sitting waiting for me to get to them (I've thrown out SOOOO many, I hate to throw out more). And more yet that were good Friday but didn't sell at market (but they're still sitting in the cab of the truck, went to fair yesterday and haven't pulled them out so I don't know how they are).

So, in order, what should I do with roughly 10 lbs of tomatoes (don't know how many pounds of each)? Are spotty ones OK to freeze and process later as long as no soft spots?

1. Rotten spots/splits - cut them out, peel and cook - can? Freeze? Or pitch?

2. Black spots on skin - peel and can? Freeze? Not too many of these (maybe 1-2 lbs of small slicers)

3. Perfect (maybe 3 lbs mixed slicers and plum if they haven't gone bad sitting in the truck 36 hrs) - these are fine for canning

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