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Handmade hummingbird feeders--Pictures!

15 years ago

Hello, all. I've been a busy girl since last summer and through the long, hummingbirdless winter. I've been designing and creating feeders for myself and friends. I model them after real flowers from my garden, and attach them to mini liquor bottles that I scrounge up, or buy in bulk on ebay. I try to make them very realistic, although sometimes I take artistic license by making them bigger than life, or leave off certain botanical details that might interfere with functioning. Twisted brass wire makes a great hanger. This Salvia coccinea got used a lot last summer (and so did my real S. coccineas!)

This Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) was just completed earlier in the winter. It will be interesting to see if they go for it. My guess is that they will. The purple hybrid Lobelia on the same page was readily used by hummers in 2006.

Finally, some Cypress vines. I grew only the red-flowered ones, but modelled the pink one after some pictures I saw on a seed packet.

I guess that's enough for now! I have started to accumulate lots of pictures of my feeders, and it was hard deciding which ones to show. I've also done a bunch of Four O'Clocks in various colors, a Lobelia cardinalis, and an orange, speckly Impatiens capensis, among others.

I can't wait until things start to bloom and I get some new inspiration. I also want to get some photos of birds actually feeding from them.

Alas, there's nothing but early crocuses right now!

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