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Boxed hostas: why did I do it?!

I donâÂÂt know what possessed me. Spring fever on a torrentially rainy day. At SamâÂÂs Club I bought a box of 8 hostas. 5 Christmas Tree and 3 PaulâÂÂs Glory. I donâÂÂt buy hostas in boxes! Maybe because it seemed so cheap. I love PaulâÂÂs Glory. I have one, it's lovelyâ¦who wouldnâÂÂt want 3 more??? But I also bought boxes of dwarf dahlias, asiatic lilies, and tuberous begonias. On impulse I threw the box of hostas into the cart. I started the dahlias and begonias indoors, putting the hostas (still in the box) in the garage to stay cool. Because I don't "do" hostas in boxes, I then forgot them for 3 weeks. Or 4.

IâÂÂm assuming these are bare root. They are in opaque plastic bags inside the box. Should they be nursed along in a holding bed for a year until they recover from living in a box, or should I try to get them into their permanent homes ASAP? Soak them for a few hours to reconstitute?

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