Brother Stefan has a green eye

7 years ago

I'm not sure Brother Stefan is sporting, but it sure looks like it to me. It looks strange to see the nicely variegated eye and then realize that green eye is sharing the pot with the real Brother Stefan.

Please note, both eyes have a scape already. The green scape is shorter, but both are arising at this time, which is pretty early in the season. I saw no mention of sporting with this hosta in the past.

I took three pictures to get the petioles and view the two separate eyes. Except for the leaf color, from the petiole view they look alike.

What say ye? I'm planning to leave it alone and see what happens. But, I don't want to lose the real Brother Stefan if the impersonator begins to take over. Not just a leaf, the whole eye is a greenie.




Well looky at that...there is a 3d eye, did not spot it earlier while I was standing on my head.

4--this picture from 2013 shows the green eye. I guess I blew it off as having another pot next to it. Did not even notice. So that green eye has been there at least ONE YEAR. Picture taken in May 2013

Should I consider this a sport? Should I dig it up and see if they are part of the same crown stock?

Your advise appreciated.

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