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Best Way to Freeze Individual portions of pasta

11 years ago

I make something I call Pasta Bake - I think other people may call it 1 pot lasagna or Baked Ziti. Basically it is cooked pasta mixed with ricotta cheese, marinara sauce and spinach, topped with mozzarella and baked. Now that it is already baked, I want to freeze individual portions - to pull out at a later date to nuke and serve. I don't have enough small plastic containers.

Should I somehow try to get it into ziplocs? Scoop portions on a cookie sheet, the dump the portions in a large ziploc once frozen? I do NOT have a food saver or other vacuum sealer. Canning is definitely a no no.

Previously I have frozen it in a large casserole dish (so I do know that it freezes well), but now that my DD is in 1st grade and needs to bring lunch every day I thought individual servings would be better. She loves this - and I thought it would be a great lunch option for her.

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