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daylilies as cut flowers -- would heavy bud builders work?

16 years ago


My question to all of you daylily experts concerns using daylilies in flower bouquets. I understand that the general consensus on this is that they don't make good cut flowers because the flowers only last one day and those who receive the bouquet usually would not want to deal with deadheading.

Clearly, daylilies will never be used by florists (right?). But what about us real gardeners who like our flower bouquets with flowers straight out of the garden? Do you use your own daylilies as cut flowers?

Personally, I am interested in perhaps someday becoming a cut flower grower and I have been doing extensive research into all kinds of flowers. I have been gardening for about 8 years and have 4 or 5 daylilies in my own garden.

When I read daylily grower catalogs I see some varieties being described as "heavy bud builders" -- wouldn't these varieties make good cut flowers? Would they produce enough blooms to extend the vase life of the scape to around 5- 7 days -- by picking the dead bloom off each evening and then having the other buds bloom? Or would they not actually bloom in the vase?

Are there particular varieties that you think might work well? The kind I am thinking of would be good scape producers, very heavy bud builders, tall scapes, blooms have strong substance, stems are strong, blooms last more hours than most. I like elegant, subdued colors and medium sized blooms. Oh, and fragrance!!! Is this all too much to ask?? :-)

I know this is a unique idea, growing daylilies expressly for cutting, but is it also a stupid idea? I am sure you will be honest with me!

Thanks for any advice you have!


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