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Finding a cool, dry place in a hot, humid climate

13 years ago

I've been researching canning, trying to decide if it's something I really want to get into.

One hurdle I keep coming across is that I'm supposed to keep home-canned food in a "dark, cool, dry place" between 40-70F.

Um. I live in Houston, Texas. The only place dark and dry is in a closet or pantry, but even there it's rarely below 78F (which is where my thermostat is set while I'm at home). And when I'm away for the day, the rooms warm up to about 85 (though the closets stay a bit cooler). I don't have a basement, and I really don't have room for another refrigerator or freezer.

What are the problems with storing home-canned food at, say, 85? Any suggestions for storage I might have overlooked?

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