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2007 AHS Auction Sneak Peek

17 years ago

The 2007 Indy Convention is just a little over two months away and the excitement is building. I just found out some of the amazing hostas that have already been committed for the auction and wanted to share them with you.

H. 'Amime Tachi' - that unusual striped hosta

H. 'Hot Lips' - forget about having a green thumb, now you can have green lips!

H. 'Crazy Quilt' - part of the Lachman breeding program, great breeder for slug resistant, smaller hostas

H. 'Loleta Powell' - a highly fertile, good seed setter that few have had a chance to own

Indy will also have a silent auction at this year's convention with a "Buy It Now" twist. If you want to make sure you get an item, you can just pay the "Buy It Now" price and take it home with you. No need to constantly watch the sheets to see if someone has raised your last bids...unless you really want to!

Hope to see many of you soon in Indy!

8-) Shadz (one of the Indy gang)

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