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Sale at Bordine's in SE Michigan

11 years ago

I stopped at Bordine's to check the hostas that were on sale, not their whole collection, but, not a bad selection.

I picked up -

Big Daddy $7.49

Deja Blu $9.99

Patriot $4.99

Krossa Regal $7.49


Sagae $7.49

All with five or more growth points.

Also, picked up Rainforest Sunrise ($19.99), Paradigm ($14.99) and Paul's Glory ($19.99) at full price, but they had many growth points.

These plants haven't been pushed too much. They're appear to be showing normal Michigan spring growth and, in some cases, still unfurling.

I have to (get to)) go back tomorrow because I forgot my list. Ah, Thunderbolt, do I try I again? It is on sale!

For those not familiar with Bordine's - it's one of the better high end nurseries in SE Mi.

Good luck!


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